The Wild Atlantic Way Series.

by Jason Mac Cormac Photography

During 2018 I set myself the goal of shooting more in the outdoors, wild-camping so that I could be close to location for sunset and sunrise. When considering this I thought where would a great place be to get interesting images, and new locations throughout the year. The Wild Atlantic Way along the west coast of Ireland, seemed perfect. 2500km stretch of sign posted coastal roads passing through nine counties. If I could get to see all nine counties at least once, stay over for one or more nights in some of the locations and with some luck get beautiful light and weather conditions it would be amazing.

As it happens I have managed to get to several counties and back to some more than once, the hoped for magic light hasnt graced the days or nights I have been away but still got some memorable trips and some new and improved images for my portfolio. Couple months left in the year I still hope to get to Kerry and West Cork and to the North Mayo Coast and return to Sligo. Below some of the images I have taken so far. I’ll add to this and sort by county later.

Prints are available to Purchase but I’d also be just as happy to hear from you, what you think of the images, ideas for locations or even a simple share or comment to know that people are seeing the results and the images. If you like you can read my blog for updates on the trips.

Thanks for visiting, Jason