Morgan & Enoch

Epic Wedding at the Cliffs of Moher

Every so often the stars align and an email arrives that makes you say wow yes I'll be there. That's how it was when Morgan emailed me through my website seeking a photographer for her wedding on the Cliffs of Moher. Dream / Epic / Romantic / Wow some of the words that come to mind aswell as Yes Yes Yes. :)

Stunning scenery for a lovely couple.

Stunning scenery for a lovely couple.

Roll on a few months and here we are meeting at the carpark enjoying a stroll to the nearby Hag's Head, a quiet section away from the visitor centre with some of the best and most accessible views of the Cliffs of Moher. It's a bright sunny day puffy white clouds receding as the blue sky takes over. Idyllic. 

For first time visitors to Ireland Morgan & Enoch certainly picked a great time to visit, 25-30 degrees, a heatwave that has lasted for weeks, blue skies and green fields, a heatwave if you believe the news that has dried up every lake in Ireland except perhaps the five or so lakes I passed on my drive over from Dublin LOL, oh we do love a good story in Ireland especially when the weather is concerned.

Having never visited before and arranging this all by text and email, it was proud moment for me as an Irish person to see their faces when they set foot on the path and their speechless look of awe as they got to see the views through their own eyes. Makes me appreciate again how lucky we are to live on this beautiful Island.

This couple are straight out of a Hollywood movie, Enoch looking handsome in his uniform and Morgan wearing a beautiful dress, effortless tall elegant beautiful, a perfect match.

Hero image. Standing bravely on the cliffs.

Hero image. Standing bravely on the cliffs.

The day that followed was amazing, the couple were treated like celebrities walking the path as young families, hikers and tourists wished them céad mile failte agus comhghairdeas - A hundred thousand welcomes and congratulations.

The family witnessed a very sweet blessing ceremony and we got some lovely group images before exploring the area further with Enoch and Morgan alone for some romantic, and dare I say it Epic photography.

Morgan & Enoch it was an absolute pleasure meeting you both. Congratulations, Love, life and happiness, may your troubles be few and your blessings many...  Jason


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