2019 Calendar

I am in the process of selecting 12 images to create a calendar that will represent my favourite landscape photographs. This will hopefully be my first printed calendar, for the year 2019.

*** Keep tuned. In the next blog i'll set up a poll for you to help me decide on the final cut of images ***

Every year I consider creating a calendar but previously it's been way too late and I underestimated the time involved to choose images, choose a printer, and allow for printing and shipping times. This time around I am more organised, and I feel I have a much improved portfolio of images to choose from, with many of those photographed only in the last year. I expect to include images from my wild camping trips and Wild Atlantic Way series of mini adventures.

The image below is a low res of how the cover might look. I will perhaps share a video, product intro, and initial thoughts on the final product when I receive first printed edition.

All going well and if there is enough interest I hope to offer an A3 large calendar (297x420mm) for max €25 with free shipping, price will be enough to cover the cost and shipping. Why make it if I am not going to profit you could ask, and the answer is simple the satisfaction of having my work displayed in homes and business around the country and beyond, and who knows maybe more people might get to see my work and come visit the website.

*** For the first fifty ordered I am going to include a limited edition signed print and a discount voucher for future purchase as a special thank you. ***

*** Shipping from end September. ***

If you are interested in buying a 2019 calendar and supporting my photography click the button below to opt in for further updates. Or go directly to the Shop link in menu to place order. 

Any comments or helpful suggestions please do let me know in the comments section or email me directly.

Thanks, Jason. Call for more info 0871482760