Baily Lighthouse

Baily Lighthouse is situated on the edge of the Howth Head peninsula overlooking Dublin bay.

A great place for a walk, an even better place to bring a camera. Having checked the tide times, the weather forecast and sun position I wasn't overly optimistic that a sunset would happen, if it did I hoped the sun would light the headland and possibly leave dark broody skies in the background.

As I suspected though no great sunset and no magic light nevertheless I still had an image in mind, a 5-6 shot panorama of Howth head with the rugged coastline as foreground. With no sunset i waited until the sky started to turn a deep blue as the darkness of night approached. 

Baily lighthouse on Howth Head, Dublin

Baily lighthouse on Howth Head, Dublin

My plan is to have this large panorama image printed and framed. I will share that with you when it is ready. If you are would like a print let me know.

Thanks, Jason