2019 - What's the plan

by Jason Mac Cormac Photography

Why have a goal or a plan?

In 2018 I had a plan to photograph the Wild Atlantic Way, a personal project that allowed me time in the outdoors away from the stresses of work and bills etc. Whilst I didn’t complete all of the Wild Atlantic Way, far from it as its immense, I got to see quite a few of the signature points during a few weekend solo camping trips. these solo trips with my Vango tent allowed me to wake up in some very remote yet cool coastal locations. Had I not set a goal I might not have done any trips or seen much at all.

So for 2019 I think having a goal is definitely something worth continuing.

So what do I want to do ?

To create images, to get my work seen, to sell my images so i can cover my photography expenses and upgrade my equipment so allowing me to create better images and continue the circle. Breaking this into three areas; landscapes, portraits and business, below are my thoughts


in 2018 I visited some great places along the Wild Atlantic Way and northern Antrim coastline, many I had never seen before, but I soon realised that one visit was not enough especially considering the poor light conditions I had on each trip, maybe I was just unlucky but as many photographers realise the more you shoot the luckier you get. You can see some of the photos and locations I visited here.. For 2019 and beyond I will continue this Wild Atlantic Way project, if possible spend two or more nights in one place and visit four or five locations within the year.

Dublin city images, the images I created around town, mainly at night as that is the only time I had free with work and family commitments, were hugely popular, some raking in 100’s likes and 1,000’s of views on social media. Some even brought in a financial contribution as a few awesome people liked them enough to buy prints, and framed prints. I have lots more iconic places to shoot around the city and I might even venture north-side in 2019 :) Keep an eye out for new content, as I will try to get out at least once a month. At some stage I may even put together an exhibition though it might be a while yet and would likely need some sponsors to help in terms of space etc, plus i’d want to have a bunch more images that I regard very highly, I’m not there yet.

A goal for the year?

I would hope to create twelve standout landscape images during 2019, that might seem like a low number perhaps but it might surprise you to know it will be an incredible challenge. Great lighting conditions and the right weather at the right time in the right place along with great composition and interesting landscape subject, doesn’t happen that often in fact hardly at all. All too often the great light happens when you are not out.

Slideshow of images of Irish Landscape Photographer Jason Mac Cormac Photography. Based in Dublin Ireland.


Unlike 2017 were I was on a drive to shoot portraits, 2018 there was hardly any personal creative portrait shoots, of course there was some weddings, communions, and a couple of studio and location shoots which can fall under this header, but I think for 2019 I could do some more.

I have some inspiration already, with a couple of projects in mind, that could yield amazing images. I just need to find willing models, and a makeup artist to help out. Know anyone who might be interested?

Why should I do these personal creative projects you may ask - there’s no money in it - well its because I enjoy photographing people and I get great satisfaction when we can create great images as a team, and interestingly I can apply the learning to my day job and life in general e.g. planning communication creativity and teamwork. That’s incentive enough.

Recent portrait photo shoots I've had the pleasure of running with some cool people. https://www.jasonmaccormacphotography.com


Last year I created this new website, to share my images to a wider world and perhaps set about making some extra money through my photography, initially my idea was just to be able to fund the website and save for the expensive equipment that i dreamed of, and maybe a photography trip. I achieved one of those three, as in life there’s always another priority that’ll drain your money. I put a lot of effort into key-wording images, creating content both images and blogs, and sharing on social media to encourage visitors naturally and through improved search rankings to visit. All the effort is helping albeit slowly. The new website has had over 2,000 unique visitors, from fifty countries, majority being Ireland UK and USA, not really show stopping numbers, a start nonetheless.

I had some success too with sales of prints and framed prints, and a couple of clients for larger bespoke requirements.

Towards the end of the year I created a 2019 calendar and sold a modest number which covered my outlay, a process I really enjoyed as choosing only 12 images was difficult. Getting samples from different suppliers helped me work out what looked well in terms of design and quality, also I learned a lot of what not to do on the selling side with a couple of promised orders disappointingly falling through. I ended up doing two versions; an Ireland calendar and then another with only Dublin city images both of which looked really impressive. I’ll definitely do this again in 2019 possibly a higher volume of one version, which in turn might help with price. I’ll definitely market it a little better and earlier, and be sure to have simple online shop ready to take payment with orders.

Whilst i didn’t make or intend to make my fortune in 2018, indeed far from it, I am deeply grateful for those people who parted with their cash to buy prints and book me for photography services.

You know who you are - Thank you !!

Commercial and Corporate clients

For 2019, I will focus on gaining commercial/corporate clients for landscape photography.

I will be seeking clients that value photography and artwork, that want beautiful landscape photography for their walls, be it commercial office spaces and meeting rooms, nursing hospitality and hotels looking to give their guests an appealing environment and a wonderful experience. Landscape photography in traditional framed prints, canvas or contemporary float style images in metal or acrylic can lift a room and inspire and empower the people that interact with these spaces. I firmly believe i can supply a great product at a reasonable price, an investment that can add value to clients. Examples of previous projects can be seen in the commissions page or a sneak peek in the rough edit video below.

If I can network with two or three new clients with multiple finished product requirements that would be a successful next step in this small business development and perhaps offer the beginnings of a sustainable second income or at the least help me reach my other two initial goals. Small steps.

Are you a potential client? Give me a call or drop me an email today, thanks.

My images printed on a massive scale: 5 metres (16 foot) by 3 metres high. A beautiful addition to the lift lobbies of a Dublin city hotel. Irish Photographer based in Dublin Ireland shooting landscapes, travel, weddings and portraits. https://www.jasonmaccormacphotography.com

Turn the Plan into Action

So there you have it - a broad set of plans for 2019. I’ll refine these and put some tighter numbers and revenue expectation against them to focus the mind. Ever mindful that its a juggling act as my day job and family rightly take up the majority of available time.

How can you help?

  • Share, like, or comment on my posts. This helps get my work seen, the potential increases with visitor numbers for new orders and clients, and it helps the search engines know that it’s interesting content boosting the chances of more people finding my website

  • Buy a print or framed print. you can do this online or contact me directly. If a size is not shown or you want a personal quotation I’d be more than happy to help. Prints are produced in professional labs using fine art papers, and ash wood frames. Occasionally I offer exclusive limited edition prints which are signed and numbered of images deemed to be exceptional.

  • Commissions. I can be booked to shoot specific images around town or country, and supply these in digital or print form with a range of additional finished product choices. If you have such a requirement give me a call or email to discuss and I can create a proposal. See the commissions page for previous projects

  • Licensing images. You may have a business requiring images for your website or media, or you may have your own print and interior suppliers. If so you may not need printed photography, I supply digital files on a licensed basis allowing you to use and print images yourself, not for resale. The images can be sized to your requirements and are typically the edited finished article in a JPG TIFF DNG or other file type depending on your needs. See the commissions page for previous projects

  • Book me - I am available most weekends for booking, be it weddings corporate and events. Send me an email or phone me to request.

  • Sponsor Me. Brands or business with equipment, studio or exhibition space could help in lots of ways, not necessarily monetary. If you think you can support my photography please do get in touch. I have thought of doing fundme or kickstarter type donation pages, but I don’t feel comfortable asking for contributions even if there is a payback option.

  • Social Media, Business, Marketing. If you are a whizz at marketing or run your own successful business, or indeed see mistakes that I could correct I’d be delighted to discuss how I can make 2019 a growth year.

For anyone who has read this far thank you and well done :) FYI I have a discount code 2019NY for 15% off online purchases running at present if you want to use between now and the end of February.

Thanks, Jason

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