SWPP - Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

I have signed up to join the Societys, and become member of the SWPP Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

Why. Well its another avenue to share my work, a way to challenge my abilities and to be inspired by some of the greatest photographers in the industry. Along with being listed as a photographer on their site, I have the opportunity to enter monthly competitions were I can see if my image compare, and if they don't try harder to get even better images. I also can seek valuable feedback from experts on what's working in my images or not, and how to improve both the photography and the business side.

Exciting stuff :) Well that's the plan anyway. Looking forward to sharing updates on how that evolves.

Thanks, Jason

In the meantime here's some photos I've uploaded to the SWPP. Feel free to comment or message me. ps. this doesn't mean I am not taking landscape photos I will be and don't forget my calendar for 2019 is available now to purchase here.