Bluebell Photography

by Jason Mac Cormac Photography

Around this time every year from the end April through to mid/end May some of our forest floors come alive, wild garlic and bluebells adding a riot of colour and a very different look to the usual brown rotting leaves that lay around the forest. A great time to get out with the camera and photograph nature.

It's been a couple of years since I went looking for bluebells, mainly because I forget :) and only think of them after the event, they only last a couple of weeks I believe.  I keep saying to myself i'll put a calendar of interesting events in nature to plan throughout the year, but then I'd have to be super organised.

Not every woodland or forest has bluebells or wild garlic for that matter, so I did a little research and found out about two places within an hour of my house, plus a few others that were a fair distance away. Killinthomas Wood and Moore Abbey both in County Kildare would have to be my go to locations. 

So after a manic weekend of partys in Kerry on a bank holiday Monday when all the sensible people, my wife included, where sunbathing in the glorious sunshine on the May weekend I set off to walk in the cool shade of the woods. Killinthomas I figured would be a good place to go since I roughly knew how to get there.

IMG_0569 - Dublin Photographer Jason Mac Cormac-Pano-Edit.jpg

Never once dawned on me that heading back I would be meeting the bank holidayers arriving home on the main motorway. Thankfully I must have been in front of that as for one I can't play twister, and two there was a nice cold beer waiting for me at home.

Back to the bluebells, I arrived in the carpark at Killinthomas Wood grabbed my gear and at the entrance to the wood I took the path to the right which led to the signposted Bluebell walk. It wasn't long before the first mauves, and purples, and hints of blues started to dot the landscape beneath the trees.

I resisted the urge to take out the camera and carried on for another bit, through the trees I could see carpets of colour, I kept moving forward. that's the funny thing I've noticed about bluebells from a distance they appear more abundant, yet when you stand in front of them with a camera it can be difficult to bring that same carpet of flowers across on the two dimensional image as the grass and leaves and stems all vie for attention.  A longer lens and a lower position I think would help increase the drama as would some sunlight on a hazy day sending beams of light through the trees. 

I got a few wide shots and a couple of panorama style images that I am reasonably ok with, I do think I could have done better and hopefully will find time this week to revisit the location to get more creative. When I got off the beaten track and immersed myself in the wilder areas of the wood I found far more bluebells, and also some nice vignettes which I reckon made for better images.

This image below being my favourite of a young sapling with its delicate branches and leaves reaching up for the light surrounded by a multitude of dancing bluebells.

Bluebell wood - Dublin Photographer Jason Mac Cormac

If you want more information on my adventures with my camera keep an eye out for new blog posts, or indeed give me a call or send and email and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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