Micro Adventure

Do Something Different this Weekend

With the Easter weekend approaching and Good Friday being a day off work, seemed a perfect time to go on an adventure. Whilst others would be supping pints, as a novelty being the first time pubs allowed to open on Good Friday in over 90 years, I would be in a remote location, with the sounds of the sea somewhere along the coast, pitching my tent late at night with plans to be gone by early morning hopefully not to be disturbed, and following the principles of Leave no Trace

Inspired by some short videos by a guy named Alastair Humphreys that urge people to get out into nature, spend the night under the stars, away from modern life and our obsession with technology, even if only for one night. I decided why not now, what better time to start this trip. A micro adventure surely is a great way to brush off the pressures and worries of modern life, be it our extended 11 hour supposed to be 9-5 jobs, household bills, or the multitude of communication media, and barrage of bad news we can face in any one day. 

Surfers paradise on west coast of Ireland

Surfers paradise on west coast of Ireland

Turning the 9-5 on its head during the 5pm to 9am, instead of looking at the Tv or working more hours on the laptop, you could be out visiting the national parks, the mountains, forests and coast of Ireland giving yourself time to re-energise. Or like me choose something that challenges you, something quite different from your normal week.

Waking up at Fanad head Lighthouse

Waking up at Fanad head Lighthouse


Last year I took on the long distance walking route of the Wicklow Way, myself and my wife walking the 132 kilometre route in stages over several weekends. In the back of my mind I still want to hike the four highest peaks on the Island of Ireland, maybe this year or maybe next.


This year I have set myself the challenge of following the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route in a series of micro adventures over a few months, whilst being quite frugal as I don't have the funds to be in hotels every few weeks. Instead I will be backpacking into remote areas, setting up my tent, cooking the little food I bring on a small meth stove, and waking early before anyone knows I am there. Hopefully with a bit of persuasion I can get the wife and kids involved too, and who knows maybe the odd hotel stay as encouragement :)

Hopefully as the months progress I will have stayed in some amazing locations, witnessed epic sunsets and sunrises, and captured beautiful imagery from all the counties of the west coast that will form a body of work showcasing various areas along the Wild Atlantic Way. I am hoping to create a personal exhibition of the printed photographs. Now that could be a great way to finish off a summer filled with short trips. 


Why not go on a micro adventure?


I can't think of a reason not to!

The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way



Micro Adventure Concept

Credit to Alastair Humphreys for this phrase, and the ideology behind it, that encourages us not to be confined by the nine to five and living to work that so many of our generation are. We should seek out ways to work to live making better more valuable time in the 5pm to 9am that we can look back on and say wow i did that, be it hiking up a mountain or canoeing down a river, or sleeping out overnight under the stars, something different from the norm, that only need a few hours to a couple of days - a micro adventure. 

The funny thing by doing just that we also can improve our focus, our fitness, our mental health and be more successful in our working lives too. Win Win.

Here is a short clip, Alastair Humphreys created as a cool way of inspiring us to go and have a micro adventure. His YouTube channel if you need more inspiration is https://www.youtube.com/user/englishwildman he's also done some truly adventurous challenges, including rowing the Atlantic, and cycling around the world. For me though the small mini adventures the micro adventure as he coined it are what we all can succeed at.