2018 - A Year of Photography in Review

by Jason Mac Cormac Photography

Each year as we enter December and the countdown to Xmas I always try and take some time to assess the photos I’ve taken and choose some of my favourites. I also think about what’s worked what hasn’t and set out a broad target for next year.

It’s interesting that when I did this review and plan for 2016 I put a focus on portraits and sure enough the following year was full of planned portrait style shots and not a lot of landscapes. 2017 was a bit of a mixed bag.

2016 / 2017 portrait style images for my panel

2016 / 2017 portrait style images for my panel

2018 the focus has completely flipped lots of landscapes, some travel and very few personal portrait projects. I miss doing the studio shoots with models makeup artists etc as they can be fun and great learning experience. I need to find some middle ground. There’s still a couple of weeks left in 2018 maybe I’ll arrange a studio session between now and Xmas.

2018 though it has to be said has been a somewhat successful year of photography, I put a real push on the business side of things, and with a new website working to get my search rankings up and delivering more content in the hope of getting noticed. Working full time in my day job means I only have the evenings and weekends so it can be challenging trying to grow a small business and gain traction and income, and photo gear isn’t cheap. I’ll keep at it as I enjoy the challenge.

2017 image of Dunluce Castle, Antrim coastline.

2017 image of Dunluce Castle, Antrim coastline.


In 2017 when I reviewed my images I had a couple of mini trips, one to the North coast with the RPS and Thomas Heaton had lit a spark. As the year closed I could see that the images from that trip were extra special despite the storms and shocking weather.

As a result for 2018 I decided I needed to do more mini trips or micro adventures as I called them in earlier blog posts. What could I do that would be a focus and give me plenty of photo opportunities, I settled on the Wild Atlantic Way a 2500 kilometre coastal route on the west coast of Ireland, nine counties and hundreds of places of interest from the well known to complete mysteries. I set a goal of visiting all the counties and many of the signature spots along the Wild Atlantic Way during 2018. As the year has advanced I realised this would need to be a multi year project as its so vast and some places I would need to visit more than once due to their sheer beauty, plus as it happened the light and weather for each of my short breaks so far has never been great and sometimes appalling.

Pine Island Connemara

Pine Island Connemara

2018 - According to Social Media

Below my Top Nine most liked/commented images on Instagram near 1000 likes between them. A couple of surprises there when I compare to other images, a few newer images have yet to mature and probably will overtake these in time.

2018 best nine - these are my most popular images posted on Instagram during 2018.

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A few of my favourites

Below a selection of images I photographed during 2018 that I like. I’ve alo included a couple of finished product framed print images, and a page from each of the Dublin and Ireland calendar I managed to find time to create. It’s been a good year of photography!!

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