Instagram for Weddings

Jason Mac Cormac Photography

Are you guys on Instagram?

I find it's great for connecting with creatives, for inspiration, for travel and you might find it useful for Wedding inspiration. For us Photographers its a great platform for sharing our image portfolio to a broad audience across the globe. My new instagram page is live @dublinweddingphotography

For all my wedding images on Instagram go to @dublinweddingphotography If you are newly engaged or planning your wedding and need a photographer, Call me.


I've been on instagram for a year or more and follow lots of great pages and slowly building up a steady following myself, but recently I've wondered at the eclectic mix of images I post and would I be better to focus on one or other genre of photography.

My instagram @jasonmacphoto has landscapes, travel, wedding, images and some ad-hoc phone and selfie shots thrown into the mix. Whereas for my professional work I really have two maybe three distinct markets, those potential clients who want to buy fine art landscapes to hang on their wall at home or on a large scale installation, and those who visit my website to check out my photography style and hopefully book me to shoot their wedding day or portraits.  

So I decided to set up a new page focused on weddings, and sharing my images of beautiful people enjoying their most romantic day, their weddings and engagements.

The user name for this new Instagram page is @dublinweddingphotography

Head on over to the link and like, follow, share, connect with me. I'd really appreciate if you could share this with any couples, newly engaged, wedding planners you know to spread the word. 

Hope to see you there. In the meantime you can also check out my wedding page on the website with lots of great images, video, other blog posts, and a contact form should you wish to book me for your wedding day - Weddings

Thanks, Jason


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