The Wild Atlantic Way

Jason Mac Cormac Photography

The Wild Atlantic Way, what a fantastic description for the route that follows the western coastline of Ireland. Kudos to the marketing and tourism people who drafted that idea, and the locals no doubt too. 2,500 kilometres of coastal roads and wonderful views, allowing the visitor to take in the rugged beauty of the best landscapes that Ireland has to offer, crafted from millennia of the pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean and some of the most changeable weather, with the likely four seasons in one day or more often in a single hour.

The Wild Atlantic Way passes through nine counties, and three provinces Ulster, Connaught, and Munster as it winds its way along the coast from the northern coast of Donegal, passing through Galway and Clare and on down to southerly shores of Kerry and Cork.

The route is full of amazing landscapes, with some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, to golden sandy beaches, and Lakeland areas. The unique culture found in the West of Ireland especially in the more rural areas and those of the Irish speaking Gaeltacht areas, friendly musical and welcoming people is a draw all of its own. Many a tourist have become so enthralled with the place that they later made it their home.


So why am I blogging about the Wild Atlantic Way, you might ask.


I hope this year to spend some time travelling this epic 2,500 km route and photographing sunsets and sunrises, and fantastic locations whilst camping in the most remote and beautiful locations on this Earth. Hopefully sharing the photographs as they happen, and possibly even a video or two.

Too often as photographers or tourists we seek out far flung destinations and dream of getting the images we see on the internet often involving planes trains and automobiles to get there. As nice as they are, we often forget that almost on our doorstep or a short few hours drive if you live on the east coast like me you can enter a magical land full of history and character and spectacular vistas. It's no wonder the director of Star Wars chose locations along the west coast of Ireland to feature in the latest instalments of the blockbuster series, The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens. Places such as Malin Head and Skellig Michael steeped in history and natural rugged beauty provided the perfect other worldly backdrop to the movies.


This year the Wild Atlantic Way is going to be my epic adventure, straight to the top of my bucket list. You can now catch up on the first instalment as Is journey to the beautiful county of Donegal Link -


More on this Wild Atlantic Way photographic odyssey to follow.... see you soon Jason


Exhibition of Work

I'm hoping to raise funds to hold an exhibition of images from this photographic journey in the latter part of the year, more details on this to follow. If you want to know more about this and perhaps get involved or support you can send me an email and i'll add you to the updates and invite listings. I truly appreciate the support and interest I have had to date.

Thanks, Jason.


ps. If you'd like to join me on one of my trips send me an email or message via the contact page here.


Below are some images I have captured in past visits to the Wild Atlantic Way. I very much hope with additional time and new found skills to improve upon these images, and create a body of work I can be proud of sharing with you.



Below are some images I've taken recently around Ireland