Wedding Photography

Why would you want to shoot Weddings?


It's quite likely to be a question that many wedding photographers will be asked by other photographers. Let me tell you why I want to shoot weddings. I personally love weddings, I guess I am a romantic at heart. It gets me every time when a couple see each other for the first time on their wedding day, when a father shakes his soon to be son in laws hand at the top of the aisle, or as the ceremony concludes and the newly married couple are presented to their guests, joy on everyone's faces.

These are magical moments, everything else that comes together on a wedding day also serves to make this a beautiful time.

Beautiful Bride

The flower girls and page boys, with their cute little trot up the aisle, the hurried walk of the bridesmaids despite the urging to slow down, the bride in her beautiful gown that she spent months choosing and many years before dreaming of. The music that was handpicked by the couple to accompany the ceremony and the celebrations later.

Page boys and Flower girls

The guests who come from near and far, often times having not seen each other for years, sometimes three and four generations of relatives all in the same room greeting each other. Memories recalled in the speeches and the laughter as a maybe best forgotten event is recalled by the best man to the slight embarrassment of his friends.

Wedding couple

The room adorned with chandeliers, party favours, flowers and candelabras. The hotel staff and all their efforts to make this a beautiful location deserving of a wedding day celebration. The wedding cake, wow !!

Party Celebrations

The bride and groom are the centrepiece, and everything else serves to celebrate their love, on this their big day.

What's not to love about a wedding day. 

Do you love weddings ?

Fun wedding image

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Thanks Jason