Squarespace - Yes or No.

Right so I'm thinking of taking the plunge with a new website. A squarespace website. My current site isn't very exciting to look at, hit and miss on search sites, and hasn't brought me any leads or maybe that's my fault I don't know.

While I'm at it should I create a new name for my website??

My personal name has been my site name for years, does this help or hinder, I'm torn.



Its personal, people know your name and maybe know you. Trusted. 


There are many spellings of my name. There is a film producer in the USA and even a guy in Australia, a top fashion photographer, with same first name and slightly different spelling last name.  A generic name offers some form of anonymity for non photography day job.


Thoughts on a postcard. and if you have a memorable snappy name for this new site comment below. If I use it, its mine, i'll give you a free 12x8 print and nothing else.

Any feedback appreciated. Jason

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