Lighthouses of Ireland

A personal project ?

How long would it take to capture each of the lighthouses in Ireland, not just a record shot but a fine art landscape in doing justice to these beautiful architectural structures, that serve as a beacon and a protector to all seafarers and along our coasts.

I think it would take many years, especially as in many cases they are quite remote, or out at sea themselves. I counted 66 lighthouses on the Irish Lights website, there could be more. Maybe I'll set myself a target to shoot a few each year :)

To date I have shot a few lighthouses only, and none of my images do them justice. In fact most of the shots below were taken with my first camera many years ago hence the quality is not that good, all that aside I really enjoyed taking those images and would love to make time to reshoot these and maybe shoot some more. 

Visit Irish Lights For more info on the great work that the Commissioners of Irish Lights do to operate and maintain these remarkable historic structures, which to this day serve our island nation and guide the increasing numbers of ships that visit our ports with imports exports, and of course the cruise ships which are becoming a more frequent visitor to our shores. 

If you have any images or stories involving the lighthouses of Ireland I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to share and comment below.

Thanks, Jason