Photo shoot Dark Stylish Male Model

Theme Dark Stylish

Model: Ben O'Beirne

Photographer: JMacCormac

Photoshoot with male model, actor, producer, and sound dude Ben O'Beirne. Theme was for dark stylish. Created three differing light setups and two backgrounds. I had in mind dark and stylish moody shots with black and white and colour images in mind. I shared a post that I wanted to do some more photoshoots in studio if anyone was interested and Ben kindly agreed to model. Delighted, as he had a great look and judging from his other photos had experience in front of camera. 

For this shoot I used a studio I am familiar with which has decent amount of space, and lots of lighting and background options.

Lighting Setup One

For lighting scenario one, I had a huge softbox, seven foot huge :) this is I pointed from my left almost 90 degrees to the background to get the best light with great fall off to shadow. 

IMG_6724 - Dublin Photographer Jason Mac Cormac.jpg

Lighting Set up Two

The second light set up used a muslin brown background which had a rough texture, I had a beauty dish raised just above model's eye line and pointing 45 degrees over and toward Ben's face. This I adjusted for deeper or lighter shadows under the eyes

IMG_6545 - Dublin Photographer Jason Mac Cormac.jpg

Lighting Set up Three

Using the same muslin background as above I had a small parabolic softbox around 3 foot wide. This was placed on my left and in very close to Ben face for quick falloff from highlight to shadow, again I had this at 90 degrees to the model and slightly in front to get that feathered light look, this had the added effect of Rembrandt lighting with the triangle of light appearing on the far side of model's face on the cheek that was in shadow.

IMG_6682 - Dublin Photographer Jason Mac Cormac.jpg

For some variety we created images under each of the lighting setups.

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